Unified communications & Teams

When it comes to effective communication and collaboration, your employees know how to do it. By integrating all communication channels into one platform, they can work together even more efficiently and productively. This not only benefits the team but also helps customers in urgent situations. We provide solutions for unified communications (UC) and team collaboration, including Unify Phone as a softphone in the cloud.

Bring the team and communication together

Merging teams and communication brings several benefits. It increases performance, especially in situations where every second counts. Our solutions are designed to help your team(s) work together more effectively. These are our unified communications solutions:

Telephony: customer contact that inspires confidence

Customer conversations take place through various channels, where real-time engagement is essential. Speech is thereby the primary source of communication, especially in urgent situations. To optimally serve your customers and employees, GROSC offers high-quality telephony solutions such as OpenScape Voice, OpenScape 4000 and OpenScape Business.

Presence: insight into availability

With OpenScape UC from GROSC you have real-time visibility into the presence and availability of your colleagues. This helps determine the best communication method for urgent situations, so you can make the right decision immediately.

OpenScape UC and OpenScape Mobile: accessible anytime, anywhere

With the powerful combination of OpenScape UC and OpenScape Mobile, your employees have the freedom to decide which device they can be reached on. Whether they are at their desk, on the road or working at a remote location, they can seamlessly set up and answer calls using their desk phone, softphone, or smartphone app. As a result, your team is reachable in emergencies always and everywhere.

Unified messaging: one central inbox

Voicemail messages, e-mails and text messages can be easily read or listened to with OpenScape Xpressions from GROSC, both on mile phones and at the workplace. This integrated unified communications solution provides one central inbox for all voice, e-mail, and text messages. With Xpressions' flexibility and mobility, you and your team always stay connected in urgent situations, leading to increased productivity, efficiency, and responsiveness.

Unify Phone: your web softphone, anytime, anywhere

Unify Phone is the softphone you don't need to install. It works as a web application within your browser or as a separate web app. GROSC connects Unify Phone to your OpenScape telephony system, so you don't have to worry about it. Additional advantage: Unify Phone comes with a Microsoft Teams plug-in, so you can make calls from Teams even without MS365 telephony licenses.

GROSC customised solutions

At GROSC, we also offer customised unified communications solutions. We are happy to engage with you to provide the best advice to suit your needs and requirements. Whether you want to combine the team collaboration solution with the contact center or control room or integrate multiple telecommunication solutions, we will be happy to discuss the possibilities with you!
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