Telephony is an essential means of communication, especially in urgent situations. Although conversations are now often conducted through various digital channels, personal contact is still very important. If you want to serve your customers and employees optimally, it is crucial to have the right telecommunication systems in place. At GROSC, we have years of experience as a reliable supplier of Unify telephony solutions.

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As a certified partner of Unify, we offer a wide range of telephony solutions that perfectly suit your needs. We offer both standard and customised solutions. Below is an overview of our telephony solutions:

Desk phones: effortless customer contact

Customers often contact you in different ways, such as via e-mail, chat, or social media. When it comes to complex issues, where nuances are important, or when customers want immediate answers, they will call. Desk phones are very suitable in workplaces that are variably occupied but need to be reachable on one specific number. With GROSC's desk phones, you will serve your customers effortlessly and quickly. Our OpenScape Desk Phones are a user-friendly telephony solution, offer HD sound quality and can be extended in various ways.

DECT of Voice over wifi: always connected

With Unify OpenScape DECT or Voice over Wi-Fi, your employees are always connected, wherever they are. These wireless devices can be seamlessly integrated into your existing telephony solution and have a long battery life. With this telephony solution, in life- threatening situations, you can be confident that your employees can always be reached quickly and easily, allowing help to arrive quickly at the scene.

Softphones: telephony in any location

When you or your employees work in remote or changing locations, it is essential that you can maintain effortless personal contact. This is especially important in complex situations. For this, you can rely on the Unify OpenScape UC Softphone solution. With this softphone application, you can use your laptop or PC as a phone wherever you are. Team members can choose which device they want to communicate on. Moreover, OpenScape UC offers extensive audio and video conferencing capabilities with multiple parties.

Unify Phone: softphone via a webbrowser

GROSC also offers Unify Phone. This softphone runs within your employees' web browser and is, securely, in contact with your telephony solution via the internet. Installing and using Unify Phone is super easy for you and your employees. Moreover, Unify Phone can also be used as a plug-in in Microsoft Teams.

OpenScape 4000: comprehensive collaboration systems

When communication is vital, you need to be able to rely on the primary means of communication: voice. When you need an extremely solid hybrid telephony solution that interfaces with legacy systems, OpenScape 4000 is a good choice. With OpenScape 4000, you connect the digital world to your existing infrastructure, even if it contains analogue, ISDN or DECT systems.

OpenScape 4000 is the further development of Siemens' acclaimed call servers Hicom 300E and HiPath 4000. At GROSC, you have a choice between the appliance version (EcoServer) or the visual software version of OpenScape 4000 as your telephony solution.

OpenScape Voice: advanced SIP solution

OpenScape Voice is Unify's advanced SIP solution that we deliver and maintain in both private and public data centers. What sets OpenScape Voice apart is the use of open standards so that it integrates optimally with the other OpenScape applications as well as with third-party applications. In addition, OpenScape Voice offers the possibility of setting up the system for multiple customers (multi-tenancy). This translates into concrete benefits and savings in cloud applications.

Customised solutions from GROSC

In the large enterprise market, customised solutions are often required for communication platforms. It is essential that the system integrates seamlessly into your existing infrastructure and can be linked to various business applications, such as Active Directory, CRM, calendar, or e-mail. We will be happy to meet you in person to come up with a tailor-made telephony solution and give you the best advice.
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