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Control rooms & public safety answering points: life-changing decisions

In control rooms and public safety answering points, an excellent working telecommunications system is vital, as emergencies need to be handled quickly. Emergency responders need to be able to communicate, share information and make crucial decisions. In an emergency, when ensuring public safety or during operational controls, a solid and reliable telecommunications network is essential for successful and efficient operation in this sector.

Rely on OpenScape Xpert; the emergency room telephony system that is crucial during emergencies. With a customisable user interface and the ability to manage multiple lines, this system increases dispatcher efficiency and productivity. Moreover, the system is very user-friendly. OpenScape Xpert's touchscreen optimises the handling of hundreds of calls per day.

Hospitals & care centers: improving quality of care

Telecommunications are indispensable in hospitals and healthcare centers. A powerful telecommunications network enables healthcare providers in this sector to communicate with each other quickly and reliably. This facilitates cooperation, exchange of important medical information, emergency response and improvement of the quality of care. Whether providing life-saving care, managing patient flows, or keeping in touch with family members; telecommunications are the life line of effective and high-quality healthcare delivery.

Healthcare and emergency workers in various sectors face the daily challenge of managing hundreds of emergency calls. It is essential that they can be reached at any time and any location. Thanks to the OpenScape Alarm Response OScAR server, also known as DAKS, from GROSC and Unify, the right parties can be quickly activated in emergencies such as patient calls or fire alarms going off. With this advanced system, you can rely on a fast and reliable alarm solution.

Government & education: the crucial role of telecommunications

For government and educational institutions, telecommunications play a vital role. It provides the basis for internal communications and external collaborations. A reliable telecommunications system enables government institutions to provide effective services to citizens, share information and respond quickly to emergencies. In educational institutions, telecommunication facilitates communication between teachers, students, and parents. It also supports distance learning and online collaborations. Telecommunication is an essential pillar for promoting transparency, accessibility, and security in both the government and education sectors.
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