Our services are divided into four branches so that we can always work in a client - and demand - specific way.

Installation & integration

Smooth installation and integration of a telecommunication system is crucial for your organisation. Our engineers therefore ensure that this is carried out professionally and efficiently. We work in phases, so the transition is smooth and controlled, downtime is minimal, and you know where you stand. As a customer, you are involved in all decisions and informed o f test results. As a result, you are always informed of the progress.

After the equipment and infrastructure have been installed, we start linking the system to the equipment. Just like the installation, the integration of the telecommunications system takes place step by step.

Standard & customisation

A customised telecommunications solution fully tailored to the specific needs of your organisation. That's what we believe in at GROSC. It offers numerous benefits, including better control and more flexibility in the use of communication channels. With customised telecommunications, your organisation manages communication more efficiently and productivity skyrockets.

We know all the capabilities of the OpenScape portfolio and tailor it to your organisation's needs. That's what we believe in at GROSC: the best - fit efficient solution with maximum reliability. We build your solution based on certified standard components.

Maintenance & monitoring

When it comes to telecommunications, you want to be able to trust blindly that everything continues to function properly. That is why we also take care of the maintenance and monitoring of your system. So, you are always assured of a working system, wherever you are. Our experts also provide maintenance for telecommunication systems
not supplied by GROSC. Have you concluded a maintenance contract with us? Then you can report faults to us, and we will solve them for you.

Monitoring is also an important part of our services. Remotely, we keep a close eye on your telecommunications systems. We receive immediate notification if a malfunction occurs, most likely before you notice it. Moreover, we have all the context of the problem at our disposal immediately, so we can react quickly and come up with an appropriate solution.


At GROSC, we offer full operational management support for telecommunications systems . You can choose to outsource the entire work t o us, but we also offer support if this is your preference. Operational management is carried out both on - site and remotely. Based on your requirements, we put together a team of specialists, to determine how they support you and with what frequency.
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