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Are you looking for a suitable telecommunications solution for your organisation? Our wide range of solutions is designed to meet your company's telecommunications needs.


Nowadays, conversations run through various channels and are all about real - time engagement. Yet voice remains the primary means of communication, especially in urgent situations. To best serve your customers and employees in life - threatening situations, you need the right telecommunication systems. Our reliable Unify telephony solutions offer a helping hand here.
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Alarm systems

In healthcare, emergency workers need to be able to receive messages on their (mobile) phones. In emergencies where every second counts, you need to be able to blindly rely on a reliable telecommunication system. For years, we have been working with the be st healthcare alarm systems.
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Call center

In today's contact centers, your customers have more and more control and influence over your service. It is therefore important to have a good picture of your customers so that you can support and value them in the best possible way. The right telecommunication solution will allow your customers to contact you by phone, email, and social media. Visual communication is also playing an increasingly important role. As a long-standing supplier of Unify contact center systems, we help you manage all
these communication channels, provide excellent service and keep your customers happy.

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Control room telephony

Central operators and dispatchers in control rooms and control rooms need to be able to act quickly in urgent situations. Every second counts, which is why it is essential to be able to rely on a working telecommunications system. With GROSC's reliable OpenScape Xpert control room systems, you have a fast and effective telecommunications solution you can trust blindly.
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Call recording

Control rooms record all calls so that they can retrieve information at any time. This is crucial to provide the help-seeker with the best assistance. This feature is invaluable in life-changing situations where fast, efficient, and accurate action is required. At GROSC, we therefore work with two leading brands in call recording: Bumicom and EAL.

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Unified Communications & Teams

Bring your team and communications together in one place. By managing everything on one integrated platform, you strengthen the team's joint efforts and improve performance in urgent situations. With the right telecommunications systems, you and your team can work optimally in vital situations. Discover our years of experience and expertise in delivering unified communications solutions.

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