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Knowing, supporting, and valuing your customers is crucial for the success of your organisation. With advanced telecommunication systems, you can serve your customers optimally, even in critical situations. At GROSC, we have years of experience in delivering Unify contact center solutions.

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GROSC is the certified partner of Unify OpenScape Contact Center solutions. Whether it is a small environment or a large enterprise with multiple locations, there is an OpenScape Contact Center solution for your situation. We also provide additional software modules to ensure the solution fully meets your specific requirements. Discover our extensive selection of contact center solutions below:

Inbound contact centers: personalised support

With every customer contact, whether it is via phone, email, social media or chat(bot), customers expect the very best service and personalised support. With Unify's OpenScape contact center, provided by GROSC, you can offer your customers an appropriate interaction from the very first contact. Thanks to advanced routing capabilities, your customers will be put in touch with the right person within your organisation in the most customer-friendly and efficient way possible.

Interactive voice response: valuable customer greetings

Automate the way you greet customers with the powerful Unify OpenScape Contact Center Call Director. By being smart about its advanced features, you'll offer your customers the ability to quickly speak to the right person. Do you experience high peaks in telephony volume that cause waiting times? Then combine the IVR with GROSC CallBack, allowing your customers to choose a time to be called back.

Workforce optimisation & management: continuous improvement

It is important to strive for continuous improvement of your customer service. GROSC and Unify offer powerful tools to monitor your customer contact, increase productivity and get the most out of your contact center. With the Workforce optimisation & management contact center solution, you get valuable insights, transparency, and the opportunity for continuous improvement.

Build your ecosystem

OpenScape Contact Center offers standard integration possibilities with the major CRM systems. If
you want something different, the REST API offers extensive possibilities to link your CRM system.This allows you to build your unique ecosystem. At GROSC, we know this API by heart, feel free to ask us about the possibilities!

GROSC Callback & Duty roster: addition to Unify portfolio

At GROSC, we have been developing our software suite since 2020: GROSC Connect. Within this suite, we offer several modular applications.

Large (healthcare) institutions often have specific accessibility challenges, such as a high peak load on certain days and times. An automated distribution of callback orders delivers high customer or patient satisfaction, while your employees experience less pressure from a full queue. GROSC CallBack offers this capability, where we even adjust the call back assignment and schedule it into the diaries. The biggest advantage? GROSC CallBack runs alongside your telephony system and is just as reliable.

Since 2020, working from home has boomed. This has great advantages for both employers and employees, but the telephone reachability of general (department) phone numbers can suffer. On customer request, we developed the GROSC Duty roster; a web application in which you can plan your department's standby duty. Is the colleague in question temporarily unavailable? No worries, there is room to enter a second contact person as backup.

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