Call recording

In many situations, it is vital that calls are recorded and can be listened back to. Did the caller say 'Baker Street' or 'Baker Avenue'? Misunderstanding can make an immense difference. For several years now, financial institutions have been required to record calls related to transactions. In a contact center, too, you want calls to be recorded so that you can train your staff to best serve your customers.

Voice logging from Bumicom

Bumicom is a specialist in voice recording, quality monitoring and speech analytics. At GROSC we have been working with them successfully for many years on various customer solutions. If you are looking for a solution for mission-critical applications, such as telephony for emergency rooms and control rooms, or a contact center; together with Bumicom, we provide the perfect match, including 24/7 service and support of course. You can decide whether to purchase the solution directly from Bumicom or via GROSC. In the latter case, we will also include the solution in our 24/7 service contract.

Voice recording with EAL

EAL is the main supplier of voice recording to the Dutch police. From that capacity, we work with them a lot. Just like GROSC, EAL provides 24/7 reachability for reporting incidents. Especially for the police, EAL and GROSC have shared each other's contact details of the service desks, so it does not matter to the user which of the two is called in case of an unexpected failure.

ASC: Cloud-based recording

ASC is one of Unify's international technology partners. The ASC Suite offers a very comprehensive set of features such as AI-based call analytics and reporting, making it a perfect partner for cloud-based recording.
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