Control room telephony

In control rooms and public safety answering points, it is essential that your switchboard operators and dispatchers can rely on a communication system that allows them to act quickly in urgent situations. Every second counts, so you need to be able to rely on your control room telephony. GROSC has been supplying high-quality Unify control room communication systems for years.

Communication when every second counts

As a certified partner of Unify's control room communication systems, we are here for you with OpenScape Xpert. We offer a range of options with OpenScape Xpert so that there is always an emergency room telephony solution that suits you perfectly. In addition to standard solutions, we also offer customised options to fully meet your specific needs. These are the features of our control room communication system:

OpenScape Xpert: efficiency and productivity

Rely completely on OpenScape Xpert; the emergency room telephony system that is crucial during emergencies. With a customisable user interface and the ability to operate multiple lines simultaneously, this system increases dispatcher efficiency and productivity. Moreover, the system is very user-friendly. OpenScape Xpert's touchscreen optimises the handling of hundreds of calls per day.

OpenScape Xpert Softclient: more flexibility

In extreme weather conditions, a mobile workstation is a godsend. But if your employees are part of a control room or public safety answering points, and therefore work with advanced arbitration devices, it is not so easy. With the OpenScape Xpert Softclient from GROSC and Unify, you no longer need specific hardware. The Xpert Softclient software can be easily installed on a laptop with or without a touchscreen, so you can be reached anytime, anywhere. So, you work flexibly and hassle-free, regardless of your location.

Voice recording: reliable recording of conversations

In situations where every second counts, it is essential to rely on a telecommunications system with comprehensive voice recording or logging capabilities. OpenScape Xpert offers seamless extension options for recording and listening back to conversations. Your employees see that calls are being recorded and can listen back to the recording immediately after the call. At GROSC, we fully integrate your existing voice logging systems, such as from Bumicom, EAL or ASC, into the OpenScape Xpert environment.

GROSC Advanced Routing: addition to the standard Unify portfolio

Not every call within control rooms or public safety answering points has the same high priority. Lower-priority calls can wait just fine until an emergency call is handled. By customer request, we developed Advanced Routing for OpenScape Xpert in our software suite GROSC, adding OpenScape Contact Center functionalities to the multiline dispatching system OpenScape Xpert. With this addition, you greatly reduce the workload due to peak loads on your dispatchers.

GROSC customised solutions

At GROSC, we also offer tailor-made solutions. We are happy to listen to your needs and requirements and provide you with the best advice. For example, do you want to link your telephony system to your business applications, customer-specific reporting, or real-time monitoring? No problem, we will arrange it for you. Feel free to contact us for more information about our customised solutions for control room telephony, contact centers and alarm servers.
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